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>Better Today

May 12, 2011 2 comments

>We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming….

I am feeling a bit better today, even though I am still sad about missing yet another horse show.  Things that gave me a bit more perspective:

1.  I went out to the barn last night and Tucker started blowing in my ears and nuzzling my shoulder while I was texting outside his stall.  It melts me every time when he does that. 

2.  Tucker is definitely putting weight on now that the stress of stall rest is over, he’s getting plenty of good spring grass to eat, and he’s back to work.  I snapped this last night and he definitely looks a little better than he did two weeks ago, don’t you think?  His neck, shoulders, and back are filling out and muscling up nicely, and you can’t see ribs anymore.  His butt is still a little, um, jiggly (he begged me not to say that, but it’s the truth), but we’ll get there.  Lots of hill work, backing up, and transitions in our future.

3.  We had a great ride, even though it was only at the trot.  I had a complete deja vu moment in the middle of the ride, one of those creepy, I’ve been here/seen this/felt this before moments, and I realized driving home what it was — he felt just like his dad.  I had a crystal clear vision of looking down at that gorgeous stallion neck with its gleaming shiny-penny chestnut coat, and Tucker is starting to feel just like he did.  That same big swinging gorgeous trot. 

Sigh.  Love this horse.